Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Putting Female in the Formula

*Warning: the male racing-enthusiast ego may slightly bruise on reading this article.

Formula North 2012 took place this past weekend - May 24 to May 27 - at the Barrie Molson Centre in Barrie, Ontario.

It was Canada's first-ever student engineering design competition. Spanning over 4 days, consisting of both static and dynamic events, the event promised to be quite intensive and exciting.

While around 20 teams participated at Formula North 2012 bringing about 5 to 15 members each, mostly male, it was interesting to see that the executive staff and the event organizers of Formula North were mostly female.

Formula North 2012 was successfully run by a team mainly led by females who were all under the age of 25. 

Engineering has long been perceived as a male-dominated field not to mention the macho atmosphere at most motorsport competitions. Formula North Inc. has acknowledged this issue in one of their interviews with Samantha Kurcsis, blogger at Girls Like F1 too ( The interview (which can be found at speaks about how challenging it can be for a female in the F1 industry but also shows that there is a growing number of females interested in automotives and motorsports.

Formula North 2012 incorporated females in a variety of roles at their first annual competition. From the chair of the entire event, Cathy D'Souza, to the technical inspector, Simren Gill, right down to the drivers for some competing teams - females ran the show. It was therefore not a surprise when the organizers were told from participants, audience members and even judges how impressive it was to see so many females involved in such a thought-to-be male dominated industry.

Attendees at the event, along with volunteers were pleasantly surprised to see some of the teams having chosen a female driver who was comfortable driving an F1 style open cockpit car.

This surprise shows that there still does exist some sort of gender division of labour even in today's 21st century, but the fact that it was pleasantly received can be appreciated.

This initiative was the epitome of a grassroots event, showing that small ideas can indeed lead to a successful 4 day long event and make quite the impression on the audience. Formula North 2012 showed that females in the engineering industry do indeed know a thing or two (times a thousand) about the industry.

It can only be hoped that such an event like Formula North, while showcasing Canadian ability to host an engineering design competition also showcased the growing number of women in the F1, automotive and motorsport industry as actual active participants and not just behind the scenes showgirls, continues to grow.

A huge congratulations goes to the Event Chair and the organizers involved in making the success of Formula North 2012.

For more information on Formula North: 
Twitter: @FormulaNorth #FN2012
Facebook: Formula North

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Twitter, the new therapy

It's not uncommon to find at least a few emotional tweets in one's twitter timeline on a daily basis - whether about lovers, haters and all that happens in between.

While some find that such tweets might be more appropriate for the therapist's office, twitter may in fact be the closest someone will ever get to a therapist's office.

The short bursts (allowed by the 140 character limit) allow for venting while also giving the satisfaction that someone may be listening, which for some may mean that someone out there cares (especially if someone replies, let alone re-tweets you).

Sidebar: How twitter/social media got people to admit, confess and express in the first place is beyond this blog post (might tackle it in an upcoming post) but it's crazy how somewhere along the road it became okay to reveal your deepest, darkest and innermost thoughts without being forced to do so. Out of our own free will we spill our guts nowadays, everyday. Things that people would previously either need to be paid to admit or no money could make them admit it are now being revealed without any force and out of our own free will. Take for example me and this blog spilling the beans on all my hard earned/lived knowledge, revealing random things learned and observed.

This (twitter therapy) got me curious about the possible benefits of twitter (yes I'm aware that there are potential downsides to people exposing too much of their lives on the internet).. BUT twitter and it's allowance - and sometimes encouragement - of daily outbursts  does allow people to vent and find support on issues that concern or irritate them. This could in fact decrease emotional breakdowns as tweeters vent rather than bottle up (yes I am aware that the internet gives us a whole new array of things to have emotional breakdowns about).

While some see it as a cry for attention hoping that someone will reply and it may in fact be so, don't we all tweet things that we think are funny, awkward, gross, sweet, etc. in hopes that others will laugh, smile, cringe, or at least read it... a.k.a...give it (us) it's due attention? So are we all not seeking attention in some form?

So whether or not you're a fan or not of these emotional tweets, keep in mind somewhere out there someone was hurting and just needed to vent - we all have our days.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Lookbook: The Blazer

The theme for May is the blazer. The blazer can be the perfect feature to add to the classic look. It dresses up any outfit and adds a fashionable sense of sophistication.

Check out the three outfits below using the same blazer.

The Classic look: the classic use of the blazer to give a business/formal look. The trending cuff is a great detail, and while stylish gives of a sense of refined relaxation.

The pant is a comfortable alternative to previous decade's fitted trouser or pant suit trouser. It's high waist and cuffed bottoms makes it a trouser that is chic and wearable.

The booties are the perfect alternative to the office pump. The lace up military look with a moderate heel makes it the ideal fashionable accessory for the office.

HnM Blazer
Urban Pant/Trouser
Spring Booties

The Event look: The blazer continues to provide a chic and sophisticated element when attending an event. Not work-related yet a professional gathering is the perfect time to experiment with other pieces but still use the blazer as your (professional) safety net.

The gray harems are an uber-comfortable yet styles feel. The colour fits in with the professional palette, yet the harems give off a fashionable and relaxed feel. Accenting the grayscale with a pop of colour such as the greenie (green over-the-shoulder bag) proved to be the perfect touch fitting in with this year's trend of bright colours.

The booties continue to keep the outfit professional while being a more comfortable and cozy alternative to the peep-toe or workplace pump.

HnM Blazer
Attitude by Jay Manuel for Sears Harems
PriMark booties
HnM Bag

The Dotted Pro: The blazer provides a soberness to the overtop pattern in the pant. It continues to be the idea touch for a chic and sophisticated appearance.

The polka dot pant, also another uber-comfy yet out there style, added a much necessary pop/pattern to the classic look. Perfect for an evening out, the two pieces seemed to compliment each other. Using an over-the-shoulder bag working the brown tones yet with a burst of red was a fitting accessory.

The booties, here too, are a comfy yet chic add on rather than the wedge or pump.

HnM Blazer
Urban Pant
PriMark booties
ALDO bag
Forever 21 ring and necklace


What is the lookbook?

The lookbook is a page that consists of all the looks that I have gathered. All the models used have submitted their images to this blogspot and the themes range from the classic blazer to carnival colours.

Every first Friday of every month 3-4 images will be released. These images will relate to a particular theme. These outfits hope to inspire and try out new fashion ideas allowing a diverse range of individuals to create their own fashion statements.

To submit a photograph email On submitting a photograph you are confirming that you hold the rights to the photograph and that the individual in the photograph has consented to have their image posted online.